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    NorthGate College (NGC) seeks to engineer a quality learning environment that goes far beyond an academic experience. NGC provides students with knowledge and experience that will endure throughout their lives. NGC students must be drawn by their sight of a preferred future that is not necessarily shaped by the past or limited by their present circumstances. Read on »

    NorthGate College Celebrates another Year of Solid Academic Performance

     The CXC results for 2016 are out and once more the NorthGate model of values-based education has proven that character development goes hand in hand with academic success. The students at both the CAPE and CSEC levels have performed well. The 2016 cohort has continued the trend of solid academic performance celebrated by the College over the years. We commend the students and staff for the hard work, sacrifice, commitment and diligence which has produced much good fruit. The students are fully equipped to start the next phase of their lives and we are confident that they will do well.

    NGC Graduates at the Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2016

    NGC Graduates at the Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2016

    Please view a summary of this year’s results in the tables below

    CAPE Summary Table Results Pass Rate 2016

    Biology 88%
    Building & Mechanical Engineering 100%
    Chemistry 88%
    Caribbean Studies 100%
    Digital Media 100%
    Entrepreneurship 100%
    Environmental Science 100%
    Information Technology 100%
    Literatures in English   100%
    Physics 100%
    Pure Math 75%
    Sociology 100%

    CSEC Summary Table Results Pass Rate

    Additional  Math 90%
    Biology 100%
    Chemistry 92%
    English A 94%
    English B 90%
    French 100%
    Geography 94%
    Human & Social Biology 82%
    Information Technology 100%
    Math 91%
    POA 81%
    POB 100%
    Physics 100%
    Social Studies 97%
    Spanish 91%
    Technical Drawing 100%
    Visual Arts 100%



    NorthGate College Graduates ‘Ready’ to face Global Crises

    Dr Didacus Jules, Director General, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States delivers the keynote at the NorthGate College graduation and awards ceremony.

    Dr Didacus Jules, Director General, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States delivers the keynote at the NorthGate College Graduation and Awards Ceremony.

    You might excuse high school grads for being less than ecstatic this year. They are now officially stuck with a world full of problems not of their own making. And they know it. Dr. Didacus Jules, Director General of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, also knows the measure of the challenge facing the graduating class of 2016 across the region. Delivering the keynote at the NorthGate College Graduation and Awards Ceremony, Jules told the class of about 60 students, “This graduation marks your entry onto a global stage that is characterised by the most intractable challenges faced by any generation in human history. This is the ‘graduation gift’ from my generation to yours.” He wasn’t throwing shade on their celebration but advising them to hold fast to what they had been taught. “You at NorthGate College have been educated to be leaders. You have been raised to be global citizens of exemplary distinction. You have been trained to be at the cutting edge of innovation, and at the apex of ethical leadership,” he said. The Caribbean statesman looked on approvingly as 17-year-old Brandon Wooding delivered his valedictory on an important element of ethical leadership—personal choice.

    Class Valedictorian, Brandon Wooding

    Class Valedictorian, Brandon Wooding

    “As we step into the future, we can confidently make strong, wise decisions. While others around us collapse into confusion in the face of chaos and crisis, let us be confident in our choices, whether popular or not, whether difficult or not. We are ready. We have been prepared. We are whole. We are wise,” Wooding said. Wooding would later return to the stage to accept the Chairman’s Award, the school’s top accolade for the student demonstrating the highest level of character and integrity, from school co-chairman Dr Marlon Jameson. Jameson explained that, in keeping with the school’s values-based education model, its top awards put a focus on moral character development, not just academic performance.

    Dr Marlon Jameson, Co-Chairman of NorthGate College, Trinidad.

    Dr Marlon Jameson, Co-Chairman of NorthGate College, Trinidad.

    “Our goal is to create the kind of student that can thrive amidst the challenges of today’s world,” Jameson said. “Our investment in building the character of our students is our deliberate response to global crisis.” Kristin Grant, a Form 5 student, received the NorthGate Award, a prize for embodying the spirit of the College. For her entrepreneurial efforts, Abigail Paul copped the Business Award, and Tsian Deslandes captured the Cecile Taylor Community Enhancement Award for exceptional service.
    School Director Yolande La Pierre said described Wooding, Grant, Paul and Deslandes as “just a few shining examples” of the values that the school tries to impart.

    Yolande La Pierre, Director of NorthGate College, Trinidad

    Yolande La Pierre, Director of NorthGate College, Trinidad

    “We encourage our students that what people see on the outside—the handsome young man, the pretty face, the star athlete, the academic scholar—must only be the tip of who you are as a person. Beneath the surface you must have a mass of values, attitudes and beliefs that form an operating system which will assist you in building your life for true success,” she said. The night ended on a crescendo of applause from a hall packed with parents, faculty, administration and well-wishers, and a sense of hope among the young graduands of the promise of new beginnings.

    Profile of Graduates 2016

    Profile of Graduates 2016

    NorthGate College Science Fair 2016

    NorthGate College’s Science Department hosted a Science Fair. The afternoon’s activities took place across the NorthGate campus, indoors and outdoors and the students of NorthGate College were fully engaged in all the activities around the school.

    NGC_6631 (1)

    There was a display of specimens, photos and posters on Trinidad and Tobago’s wildlife. Students were challenged to figure out a few mystery items , like a hammerhead skull and the hide of an armadillo. There was also a contest for guessing the length of a preserved coiled mapapire snake in a jar. The students applied their math skills by calculating diameters, counting coils to get their answer.

    LPS_2130 (1) (1)

    The Form 6 Physics students assembled a wave machine made with gumballs and marshmallows.  A wave machine can be used to investigate and identify different characteristics of waves. When one end of the machine is touched, an impulse is initiated and travels to the other end, creating a process which allows the wave to continue moving from one end to the next. In so doing, it allows for a continual flow of energy through the structure. The participating students made a feast of it by the end of the afternoon – first consuming the gumballs and then marshmallows.

    IMG_8954 (1)

    ‘Imprint’, the screeching owl from the El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation captivated the students with their presentation on the work at the Center and the importance of knowing about our local wildlife and how to respond to them if encountered in the wild.

    NGC_6639 (1)

    The 4th and 6th Form students were most enthusiastic to do their “magic tricks”; from changing ‘drinks’ (which were actually acid base or redox reactions) to eggs magically dropping into conical flasks to balloons that didn’t pop. The students engaged in the process wholeheartedly, so much so that they sacrificed the majority of their lunch period to practice their tricks. They were very resilient, since two to three of the experiments were not working as researched.

    LPS_2464 (1)

    The Science Fair featured two unmanned aerial devices also known as drones – an indoor basic drone and a professional outdoor drone. Students gathered with anticipation, as a student demonstrator explained the main differences between the two, their abilities, unique parts and features. Participants were also able to try out the drone’s flight and camera control centre on a smartphone connected to a multimedia projector. A bird’s eye view of the NorthGate campus, surrounding streets and the St. Augustine area came through in a matter of minutes. Students were able to view the drone’s live feed as its camera was connected to the projector. The session ended with several liftoff / landing demonstrations and the students gained a first-hand experience in personal flight devices and their numerous applications beyond fun flights.

    The NorthGate College Science Fair 2016 was the first of its kind and certainly will not be the last! We look forward to next year!

    NGC “Mathazaar”

    This year NorthGate College launched its first ‘Triple M: Mufty Day, Mathazaar and Munchies!’ the children were thoroughly excited, as the Form 5 graduating class collaborated with the Math Department to set up a Math based bazaar which allowed all and sundry to test their Math skills.

    Mathazaar 1

    The teachers and students joined forces to make an engaging learning environment, filled with many math games and activities like Mathonopoly, Fraction Riddles, Algebra Dominos. Prizes were given for those who emerged as the Math whizzes on the day.

    Mathazaar 2

    The atmosphere was filled with fun, laughter and deep concentration on the activities at hand. There was an evident energy in the Mathazaar: the music, the face painting, the photo booth, the food, and the activities. A fun time was had by all and we left with our Math skills exponentially sharpened.

    Mathazaar 4



    NGC Sports Day 2016

    Sports Day is surely one of the most anticipated events on the NGC calendar. If one were to walk the corridors of the College, students will not hesitate to declare their team the best. It is the time when individuality goes out the door and teamwork is at the forefront of everyone’s mind.
    Pre-Sports PreparationsThis is clearly evident during the annual pre sports events. Teams get a chance to earn points by competing in football, cricket, the academic relay, the road race and aerobathon. Events were crafted to target different aspects of individual abilities and not just the athletic! Students from each team, excelling academically from form 1 all the way up to form 6, got to pit their knowledge and analytical skills against each other to see which team would emerge as the Academic Relay Champs 2016.

    Pre-Sports_Academic Relay

    Perennial underdogs Accuracy grabbed top honours in the Academic Relay, Aerobathon and trounced all challengers as they dominated the top ten of the road race. Impact and Destiny won the football and Cricket respectively while Purpose, usually the team to beat, were yet to find their stride.


    Every year at the Sports Day, the students get the opportunity to dramatically express the theme of the day. This year’s theme was “Revisiting the Foundations”. The sports teams depicted their best interpretation and understanding of the theme, through dance, song, monologues, props and banners. The presentations highlighted the many principles which underscore the 9/10s of the College from inception; these are the truth which have made our foundations strong. It was a spectacular production that displayed the creative minds and the dramatic inclinations of the students. Team Accuracy’s performance and execution received the nod of approval from our distinguished judges.

    Accuracy Pagentry

    This year, Team Accuracy came with new found energy that could not be stopped. They copped First place for the races and novelty events! Much to their delight they rose from being the gracious team that would congratulate the winners for many years to the team that attained both major titles for this year’s Sports day: Pageantry winner and overall Sports day Winner! Congratulations to the team!

    Sports Day_All Teams

    The students and teachers alike, look forward to the interaction and the friendly rivalry. Though the external activity may translate into races, pageantry, fun and excitement, everything that is done in NorthGate College is filled with purpose and geared toward the shaping of characters and personal development. Our Sports day emphasizes the building of camaraderie, collaboration and team spirit. All the teams did an exceptional job, proving that the underlying blocks of principles that are espoused everyday are taking root in their lives and producing excellent fruit.





    NorthGate Tops TTFF Secondary Schools Short Film Festival

    This year is the second year that NorthGate entered the Secondary Schools Short Film Festival. The Digital Media Club students were very enthused after placing second in the Culture Category last year and many of the same students participated again as a result of the good experience they had. Over the vacation (July-August 2015) the club members worked relentlessly to write the script, attend training sessions and shoot the film at different locations across Trinidad.TTFF 1

    The theme under which this year’s movie was created was Social Awareness- Selfie Nation – the evolution or regression of human interaction. The short film created by the students entitled “Timeless” explores this theme from the perspective of a young man living in the selfie generation but who believes his generation is taking selfies to a new extreme. On a visit to his grandfather’s house, he has an eye opening experience where he discovers the genesis of the selfie and how it has truly impacted society over the years.

    TTFF 2

    There were sixteen other schools throughout the country which participated this year. They are: ASJA Boys’ College Charliville, ASJA Boys’ College San Fernando, ASJA Girls’ College Charliville, ASJA Girls’ College San Fernando, Bishops Anstey/Trinity College East 6th Form, Gasparillo Secondary School, Hillview College, Mayaro Secondary School, Presentation College Chaguanas, San Fernando East Secondary, Speyside High School, St. Augustine Girls’ High School, St. George’s College. St Joseph Secondary and St. Stephen’s College.

    TTFF 3

    At the Secondary Schools Film Festival Awards Ceremony NorthGate College came away with the lion’s share of the awards.

    • 2nd place – Best Script and Storyline ‘Timeless’ by NorthGate College
    • Best Cinematography – ‘Timeless’ by NorthGate College
    • Best Editing – ‘Timeless’ by NorthGate College
    • Best Actor – Conrad Taitt [NorthGate College]
    • Best Director – Charise Laveau [NorthGate College]
    • Best Social Awareness Film – NorthGate College
    • Best Film Overall 2015 – ‘Timeless’ by NorthGate College

    TTFF 4

    We applaud their efforts and wish the Digital Media Club even more success as they pursue excellence in the things that they create as well as the young people that they are becoming.

    TTFF 5

    NorthGate College’s Debaters Shine

    During the period, September-November 2015, NorthGate College’s Debate team participated and excelled in the ‘Young Leaders Debate’ and ‘The Ultimate Debate 2015’ hosted by RBC Royal Bank and Republic Bank respectively.

    Debate 1

    The motions for the Young Leaders Debate coincided with the theme of the RBC Young Leaders Programme for 2015/2016, ‘ME…YOU…WE: A shared vision for a better society’. The motions were, “Self –awareness is more important than empathy for others, and is the key to building a strong society” and “The principle of individualism, as an ideal, discourages the development of community spirit and a shared vision for a better society.” Republic Bank’s ‘The Ultimate Debate 2015’, required schools to debate the motion “Be it resolved that the enforcement of the anti-gang legislation is the only way to eliminate gang involvement by school-age youth in Trinidad and Tobago.”

    This year students, Kai Fairman, Shanade Ali and Zachary Joel comprised our determined and dynamic team. They were coached by teachers, Christopher Williams and Danielle Johnson, with Mr. Williams spearheading the entire team.

    Debate 2

    Fairman, Ali and Joel worked tirelessly during the debate process. They met with their coaches Monday-Friday, on lunch breaks and after school, practicing with absolute vigour, displaying a true passion for the art of debating. The students, though very popular with their classmates, never seemed weary of missing key social time, understanding that it was only for a season.

    Debate 3

    Hard work brings more work and diligence brings great rewards. These are the lessons learnt by our debate team this year. With each successful round of debates, well fought, they had to return to the drawing board to discuss new strategies and carefully select from an arsenal of ideas. Once the strategy was decided, extensive research was done, pieces were written and the students practiced.

    Debate 4

    In the end, we are proud to say that NorthGate College was victorious, placing second in the RBC Young Leaders Debate and first in Republic Bank’s The Ultimate Debate 2015.

    NGC Board Games Tournament 2015

    The Board Games Tournament 2015 featured three games: Chess, Draughts and Scrabble. It provided a way for the students to show off their skills in the various games or to simply have fun with their peers. Furthermore, it helps generate interest in the various games which not only provide a form of relaxation for the players, but develops different skills while playing: strategy, logic and language skills.Board Games 1

    The students’ interest and participation was high, so much so that it took almost two weeks to eliminate participants in order to get to the final games!  Even the students who were not directly participating in the games faithfully attended every day to support their friends and classmates and to evaluate the skills of their future opponents.

    Board Games 2

    The winner of Chess category was Sebastian Rudden (from Form 5) who maintained his reputation as the best Chess player of NorthGate College; our first Draughts champion was Nathan Laveau (Lower 6); and dethroning last year’s Scrabble winner was Ethan Joel (Lower 6).

    Board Games 3

    NorthGate College Graduation Ceremony 2015

    NGC Grad 2015-5

    Graduation ceremonies are typically a flurry of flash photos, spontaneous celebrations and smiling selfies. But when NorthGate College’s graduating fifth and sixth formers gathered for their annual send-off, it was anything but. The group of about 80 graduands listened intently as Dr Noel Woodroffe, founder and chairman of the college, urged them to look soberly at the crises confronting the world around them, and consider their responsibility as future leaders. “It’s a chaotic time and things are falling apart at an alarming rate. But NorthGate College is a system where young people can be put on a track of development, and have the best opportunity to emerge as leaders in their respective spheres,” he said.

    NorthGate College Director Yolande La Pierre outlined the strides taken over the academic year. She cited the school’s achievements in academics, sports, extra-curricular activities and national competitions. Her advice to the graduates put the achievements in context. She reminded them that true success lay within their determination to pursue core values and become the leaders of tomorrow.

    NGC Grad 2015-9Values-based leadership was a recurring theme throughout the ceremony.  Barbados-based entrepreneur Richard Mark, in his keynote address, shared from his personal experience in the Caribbean business realm. He admonished the young graduates to focus on character, purpose and social responsibility, not just academic achievement. “The hardest experiences in life offer the greatest opportunity for learning. Therefore, we should not seek to run from difficult circumstances, but always try to draw life-lessons from them,” he said.

    The students also had their own pearls of wisdom to share with their peers and with the parents, teachers and well-wishers assembled at the Learning Resource Centre of the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine for the graduation ceremony. “Strength is the mental force that allows us to learn from challenges and losses, to stand firm through the process and stay true no matter what,” said Head Girl Rebekka Wooding and Andrew Dookhoo, valedictorians from sixth and fifth form respectively, in their jointly presented Valedictory Address.  “We must remember that our strength comes from decisions that comes from principles and values. We will not let go! We will not give up. The world needs us,” they proclaimed.

    NGC Grad 2015-40

    The evening ended with presentations and special awards to deserving student. The school’s first Director, Cecile Taylor, was present to hand the Cecile Taylor Community Enhancement Award to Justin Edwards and Deborah Thomas. Karl-Johann Bailey received the Chairman’s award for embodying the spirit of the College. Head Girl Rebekka Wooding captured the esteemed NorthGate Award.

    NorthGate College’s Graduation and Awards Ceremony 2015

    Trinidad and Tobago Guardian Online published this press release about NorthGate’s Graduation Ceremony 2015.

    Source: Trinidad and Tobago Guardian Online

    Date: June 30th 2015

    URL: Click Here