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    NorthGate College (NGC) seeks to engineer a quality learning environment that goes far beyond an academic experience. NGC provides students with knowledge and experience that will endure throughout their lives. NGC students must be drawn by their sight of a preferred future that is not necessarily shaped by the past or limited by their present circumstances. Read on »

    NGC Career Day 2017

    NorthGate College held the 2017 iteration of its Career Day on Friday 12th May.  The Career Day was designed to provide an opportunity for the form three students to deliberately and strategically reflect on career possibilities and begin to map their way forward.  To this end, they interacted with professionals who gave personal insight into the day-to-day aspects of the job in traditional as well as non-traditional fields. The students also had the opportunity to engage with several tertiary level institutions.


    The morning session gave insight into university/job interviews and guidance on an individual’s online/digital footprint and how this is analyzed by potential employers. By midday the students completed a job matching exercise with the facilitators from the National Training Agency’s Career Coach. The students were able to benefit from the information they shared, which complemented what they had learned throughout the day.


    A buzz filled the atmosphere as the students were given the option to select any four of the eighteen professionals who had designated areas for small group interaction.  They were excited and bursting with questions as they spoke to professionals in the filed of: Crime Scene Investigation, Medicine, Law, Army/Special Forces, Animal Health Care, Entrepreneurship, Early Childhood Development, just to name a few. The professionals gave them practical insight into their day-to-day operations and fielded their questions.  The students were heartened to recognize parents among those there to share with them.

    At the end of the day, the staff of NGC were unsure who enjoyed their time more, the parents or the students!  The parents and collaborative partners left feeling grateful for having been able to contribute in this meaningful way to the decision making process of the students.  It is safe to say that both benefited from the experience!

    NGC Technology Tune Up

    Technology is always evolving and has found its way into every aspect of our lives. Thus, on Friday 20th January 2017 NorthGate College held its “Technology Tune Up”. The event created the opportunity for our students to learn about and interact with various forms of technology in a fun-filled way. The school plant was divided into 7 stations, allowing the students to interface with the technologies of our day, from robotics to entertainment to emerging technologies. Each room was abuzz with questions, comments and sheer excitement as minds were fully engaged for every presentation.

    One of the stations included the ‘Robotics and Science’ segment presented by the National Institute of Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology (NIHERST). Students were excited to participate in designing different robots. They learned to send commands to robotic devices and allow the robot to execute them while observing and interacting with technology that has assisted with several scientific breakthroughs.

    NGC Tech 1

    The students got exposure to drone technology and took the opportunity to take a drone on a test flight while recording images of the campus from above. 3D printing was another area of interest and all experienced an actual 3D printed key-ring move from an onscreen design to a tangible item they could use! Emerging technologies were on display through video updates presenting technologies in health, education, sport, transport and communication which provided the basis of much conversation throughout the event on how to use digital technology to our advantage.

    The last segment came under the theme ‘Active Technology’ allowing students to broaden their scope of technology’s application in movement and general health. Classes buzzed in excitement seeing their friends gather in teams of 4 to compete against each other using the xBOX Kinect to engage simple and tricky dance moves and the Nintendo Wii Sports to play virtual tennis, golf and baseball.

    NGC Tech 2

    The event was a success. Students were not only able to engage with today’s technology in a fun yet meaningful way but it also inspired them to consider inventive ways technology can improve the quality of life in Trinidad and Tobago.

    Check out the video report of this event on our YouTube Channel – NorthGate College Trinidad.


    Form 6 Communication Studies Paramin Visit

    The Form 6 Communications Studies programme involves the evolution of language and learning about various influences which form our Caribbean dialects. This year’s class embarked on an adventure to Paramin Hills to investigate its strong patois heritage. This village is located on the mountainous Northern Range of Trinidad near the third highest peak in the island.


    The Paramin Development committee was very eager to meet with our teachers and students and made arrangements for them to meet at the Paramin community hall with various members of the village for interviews and a plenary session.


    The visit also included a trip to the main hill which can only be accessed by all-terrain vehicles commandeered by very experienced drivers. The view experienced was spectacular and breath-taking.


    They were further immersed in the culture of Paramin as they visited a local bakery where an authentic dirt over was still in use.


    The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience and while they walked away with many patois phrases under their belt, they developed a strong valuing of patois itself, a sight of language as a living, changing agent of human intercourse, and an appreciation of the village of Paramin as a bastion of rich culture.

    National Secondary Schools’ Swim Meet 2017

    The annual National Secondary Schools’ Swim Meet was hosted on Sunday 29th January 2017 by Tidal Wave Aquatics swim club. It was held for the very first time at Trinidad & Tobago’s new National Aquatic Centre in Couva. NorthGate College fielded 12 swimmers – 1 girl and 11 boys, some in the competitive and others in the non-competitive category. All the swimmers swam hard, with many of them improving on their previous times. NGC Swim Meet 1

    Chazanne Charles, our sole female swimmer, placed in the top 8 in all 4 strokes for girls 12&Under competitive swimmers. Rowan King and Samuel Rudden each earned a trophy for placing first and second overall respectively in the boys 12&Under non-competitive category.


    At the end of the day NorthGate College was awarded the trophy for the most improved team and also came away with the trophy for first place out of 15 schools in the co-ed schools division.


    Design and Build Competition 2017

    The Institute of Structural Engineers (IStructE) annual Secondary School Design and Build competition was held at JFK auditorium on Saturday 28th January 2017. The aim of the competition was to design and build a bridge out of spaghetti and marshmallows that would hold at least 100grams over a 30cm gap. All schools represented came prepared with elaborate drawings and plans of their bridges. The level of preparation and the various approaches displayed, created a great learning environment and experience for all students involved.


    Our six students: Aaron Payne, Timothy Gooding, Charise Laveau, Tahj Ramudth, Kai Fairman and Yuying Jiang represented NorthGate very well. Their bridge surpassed the minimum weight requirement and withstood up to 1263 grams! The team placed 11th out of 35 schools. We are very proud that the team took ownership of the process and relentlessly worked on their unique plan and exceeded their expectations.

    NGC Spoken Word Battle 2016

    NorthGate College understands the importance of communication and expression, and thus saw it fitting to introduce yet another avenue to creatively foster these skills. This academic year, the English Department decided to introduce Spoken Word to the College through its inaugural Spoken Word Competition.  Joshua Thomas, past Head Boy of NGC and Spoken Word aficionado, was invited to conduct a workshop for the students who expressed an interest.  This caused what had been sub-surface excitement to bubble forth as the students who attended wrote, and presented original pieces, many for the very first time.

    adp_5537On Friday October 14, a total of twenty-one students took centre stage.  The students rose to the occasion and produced an excellent standard of Spoken Word poetry.  One of the performers declared, “We are the foundation for a new generation, so shine bright like a new constellation!” Another stated, “Each race contributes their value in this big pot of callaloo.” So many different issues were addressed with great passion and confidence.


    It was very clear that the values of NGC are embedded in the students as they wove these pearls of wisdom in their writings and offered well calculated thoughts with humor, play on words, and performance richness. The thought-provoking pieces filled with vivid imagery, repetition and alliterations reflected character and deep thought about current issues. It was certainly “Lucozade for the mind…” as was said by another performer.

    We commend the students for standing in front of their peers to share their inner most thoughts and musings. They received strong support from their colleagues and teachers who appreciated the weighty, clever and witty offerings.

    We congratulate our lower and upper school Spoken Word Champions:

    • Lower school – 1st place Tamir Youssef, 2nd place (team) Kristoff St. Bernard, Rowan King and Ageyi Dacon.
    • Upper School – 1st place Zachery Joel, 2nd place Brandon Wooding, 3rd place Sebastian Rudden



    NorthGate College Inducts New Student Leaders


    A core part of the mandate at NorthGate College is to raise up leaders for the next generation. Every year, student leaders are inducted to stand as exemplars before the student body as they play a very vital role in the governance structure of the school.  For this reason the selection of leaders from the Upper School cohort was done with great consideration. The students chosen to serve were observed as they stewarded their process of development and growth at NorthGate College – their stance towards their studies, how they have been relating to their peers, stewarding the small tasks that they have been given and their commitment to maintaining and upholding the values learned at the College.

    At the Student Induction Ceremony, leadership principles were outlined which were not just for the student leaders, but for all to consider the way to accurately lead. All were encouraged to be young men and women who love what is right and loathe what is wrong, to be sober so as to ‘judge with right judgement’, and to know their measure.

    As each student leader was inducted, each selection received rousing cheers of approval and agreement from the wider school community.  It was clear that they all agreed with the selections made as they also would have observed the basis for the selection and the leadership potential resident in these students.


    Director Yolande La Pierre (middle) with the Female Student leaders

    Yolande La Pierre, the Director of NorthGate College shared with all present, “When we place these leaders before you today, we do not say that they are perfect. We know that they are still in a developmental process but we expect them to see the importance of the role that is placed on them and to give themselves fully to the process. We encourage them to lead and lead well by learning to listen to God, care for their charges and remain accountable.”


    Co-Chairman Dr. Marlon Jameson (middle front) with the Male Student Leaders and the Head (right front) and Deputy Head (left front) Prefects

    Our Co-Chairman, Dr. Marlon Jameson commented, “The school environment of NorthGate College will be used as a training ground for the development of the leadership capability inside of our students… At the end of the process of mentor-ship and development, we expect to output a cadre of leaders that are secure in their identity, are able to go out into an environment that is less sanitized than the school environment but, as a result of their process in NorthGate College they will stand in any environment and be able to defend the values that they have been exposed to.”


    NorthGate College Celebrates another Year of Solid Academic Performance

     The CXC results for 2016 are out and once more the NorthGate model of values-based education has proven that character development goes hand in hand with academic success. The students at both the CAPE and CSEC levels have performed well. The 2016 cohort has continued the trend of solid academic performance celebrated by the College over the years. We commend the students and staff for the hard work, sacrifice, commitment and diligence which has produced much good fruit. The students are fully equipped to start the next phase of their lives and we are confident that they will do well.

    NGC Graduates at the Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2016

    NGC Graduates at the Graduation & Awards Ceremony 2016

    Please view a summary of this year’s results in the tables below

    CAPE Summary Table Results Pass Rate 2016

    Biology 88%
    Building & Mechanical Engineering 100%
    Chemistry 88%
    Caribbean Studies 100%
    Digital Media 100%
    Entrepreneurship 100%
    Environmental Science 100%
    Information Technology 100%
    Literatures in English   100%
    Physics 100%
    Pure Math 75%
    Sociology 100%

    CSEC Summary Table Results Pass Rate

    Additional  Math 90%
    Biology 100%
    Chemistry 92%
    English A 94%
    English B 90%
    French 100%
    Geography 94%
    Human & Social Biology 82%
    Information Technology 100%
    Math 91%
    POA 81%
    POB 100%
    Physics 100%
    Social Studies 97%
    Spanish 91%
    Technical Drawing 100%
    Visual Arts 100%



    NorthGate College Graduates ‘Ready’ to face Global Crises

    Dr Didacus Jules, Director General, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States delivers the keynote at the NorthGate College graduation and awards ceremony.

    Dr Didacus Jules, Director General, Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States delivers the keynote at the NorthGate College Graduation and Awards Ceremony.

    You might excuse high school grads for being less than ecstatic this year. They are now officially stuck with a world full of problems not of their own making. And they know it. Dr. Didacus Jules, Director General of the Organisation of Eastern Caribbean States, also knows the measure of the challenge facing the graduating class of 2016 across the region. Delivering the keynote at the NorthGate College Graduation and Awards Ceremony, Jules told the class of about 60 students, “This graduation marks your entry onto a global stage that is characterised by the most intractable challenges faced by any generation in human history. This is the ‘graduation gift’ from my generation to yours.” He wasn’t throwing shade on their celebration but advising them to hold fast to what they had been taught. “You at NorthGate College have been educated to be leaders. You have been raised to be global citizens of exemplary distinction. You have been trained to be at the cutting edge of innovation, and at the apex of ethical leadership,” he said. The Caribbean statesman looked on approvingly as 17-year-old Brandon Wooding delivered his valedictory on an important element of ethical leadership—personal choice.

    Class Valedictorian, Brandon Wooding

    Class Valedictorian, Brandon Wooding

    “As we step into the future, we can confidently make strong, wise decisions. While others around us collapse into confusion in the face of chaos and crisis, let us be confident in our choices, whether popular or not, whether difficult or not. We are ready. We have been prepared. We are whole. We are wise,” Wooding said. Wooding would later return to the stage to accept the Chairman’s Award, the school’s top accolade for the student demonstrating the highest level of character and integrity, from school co-chairman Dr Marlon Jameson. Jameson explained that, in keeping with the school’s values-based education model, its top awards put a focus on moral character development, not just academic performance.

    Dr Marlon Jameson, Co-Chairman of NorthGate College, Trinidad.

    Dr Marlon Jameson, Co-Chairman of NorthGate College, Trinidad.

    “Our goal is to create the kind of student that can thrive amidst the challenges of today’s world,” Jameson said. “Our investment in building the character of our students is our deliberate response to global crisis.” Kristin Grant, a Form 5 student, received the NorthGate Award, a prize for embodying the spirit of the College. For her entrepreneurial efforts, Abigail Paul copped the Business Award, and Tsian Deslandes captured the Cecile Taylor Community Enhancement Award for exceptional service.
    School Director Yolande La Pierre said described Wooding, Grant, Paul and Deslandes as “just a few shining examples” of the values that the school tries to impart.

    Yolande La Pierre, Director of NorthGate College, Trinidad

    Yolande La Pierre, Director of NorthGate College, Trinidad

    “We encourage our students that what people see on the outside—the handsome young man, the pretty face, the star athlete, the academic scholar—must only be the tip of who you are as a person. Beneath the surface you must have a mass of values, attitudes and beliefs that form an operating system which will assist you in building your life for true success,” she said. The night ended on a crescendo of applause from a hall packed with parents, faculty, administration and well-wishers, and a sense of hope among the young graduands of the promise of new beginnings.

    Profile of Graduates 2016

    Profile of Graduates 2016

    NorthGate College Science Fair 2016

    NorthGate College’s Science Department hosted a Science Fair. The afternoon’s activities took place across the NorthGate campus, indoors and outdoors and the students of NorthGate College were fully engaged in all the activities around the school.

    NGC_6631 (1)

    There was a display of specimens, photos and posters on Trinidad and Tobago’s wildlife. Students were challenged to figure out a few mystery items , like a hammerhead skull and the hide of an armadillo. There was also a contest for guessing the length of a preserved coiled mapapire snake in a jar. The students applied their math skills by calculating diameters, counting coils to get their answer.

    LPS_2130 (1) (1)

    The Form 6 Physics students assembled a wave machine made with gumballs and marshmallows.  A wave machine can be used to investigate and identify different characteristics of waves. When one end of the machine is touched, an impulse is initiated and travels to the other end, creating a process which allows the wave to continue moving from one end to the next. In so doing, it allows for a continual flow of energy through the structure. The participating students made a feast of it by the end of the afternoon – first consuming the gumballs and then marshmallows.

    IMG_8954 (1)

    ‘Imprint’, the screeching owl from the El Socorro Centre for Wildlife Conservation captivated the students with their presentation on the work at the Center and the importance of knowing about our local wildlife and how to respond to them if encountered in the wild.

    NGC_6639 (1)

    The 4th and 6th Form students were most enthusiastic to do their “magic tricks”; from changing ‘drinks’ (which were actually acid base or redox reactions) to eggs magically dropping into conical flasks to balloons that didn’t pop. The students engaged in the process wholeheartedly, so much so that they sacrificed the majority of their lunch period to practice their tricks. They were very resilient, since two to three of the experiments were not working as researched.

    LPS_2464 (1)

    The Science Fair featured two unmanned aerial devices also known as drones – an indoor basic drone and a professional outdoor drone. Students gathered with anticipation, as a student demonstrator explained the main differences between the two, their abilities, unique parts and features. Participants were also able to try out the drone’s flight and camera control centre on a smartphone connected to a multimedia projector. A bird’s eye view of the NorthGate campus, surrounding streets and the St. Augustine area came through in a matter of minutes. Students were able to view the drone’s live feed as its camera was connected to the projector. The session ended with several liftoff / landing demonstrations and the students gained a first-hand experience in personal flight devices and their numerous applications beyond fun flights.

    The NorthGate College Science Fair 2016 was the first of its kind and certainly will not be the last! We look forward to next year!